Swollen lymph node in neck for about 2 months now visable and hurting very bad.?

I have had one lymph node in my neck swollen for about two months now. about the time i noticed it was becoming swollen i also noticed a small lump in my arm pit, both were painless. the lump went away about a month later but the swelling in my neck is getting worse and worse and for about 4 days now it has been very painful. i am concerned that because i noticed both lumps in my armpit and neck if i should really be concerned for cancer, or if it is probably just an infection that i can't kick. i am going to the urgent care tonight but until then i'm a little freaked out.

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    1 decade ago
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    Anything that causes pain is reason for concern and although it could be cancer it is not lymphoma. You don’t state your age or give any symptoms of cancer. Simply having swollen lymph nodes is not reason enough to believe it is cancer.

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    See a doctor - that's the only way to know for sure. There are many things that make lymph nodes go crazy that are not cancer. Any itching? night sweats? weight loss? If it is something bad, there are great treatments out there.

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