What should I do? Its difficult.?

Am i just growing out of it?


I've had a boyfriend since i was 15, about to be 18 and we always break up and get back together, and its just getting hard now.

he cheated on me, with someone he didn't even know but they didn't do nothing,(the chick told me)i forgave him. We got back together thinking everything was going to settle down, but we broke up. he texted me right now telling me he wants me to visit him and talk, i told him he couldn't just pop in and out of my life. then he said its cool then just tell me you dont want to see me. I just dnt know what to do.

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    1 decade ago
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    When you invest a lot of your time and life experiences in another person, the connections you make with them are stronger and deeper than someone you pass in the grocery store. But, just having strong and deep connections with another person has nothing to do with how personally rewarding those connections are. Strong and deep connections are just harder to break no matter if the relationship is personally rewarding or if it is toxic and unhealthy. Strong and deep connections with people are built with time together and closeness. The only way to weaken those connections is with the opposite: time apart and distancing yourself. Until you spend time apart from your boyfriend and distance yourself from him, you can expect to continue to have a strong and deep connection with him. If you are unsure whether the relationship you have with your boyfriend is worth continuing to invest yourself in, that is a sign you should not ignore. Your doubts are a sure indication the relationship is not fully rewarding for you. It will be painful to put some time and distance between you and your boyfriend. But, the pain is only a consequence of the time and closeness you have invested with your boyfriend. It is NOT an indication of the value of the relationship or how rewarding it is to you. You need to accept the pain and give yourself some time and distance and experience with other boys to really learn what you want in a more permanent relationship.

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    1 decade ago

    Clearly there are things wrong with this relationship but if you've been more or less steady with him since age 15, you haven't dated enough other guys to be able to make good comparisons. I suggest you break it off firmly and let everyone know that you're free. Get to know more guys -- preferably by just hanging with small groups of people and without really dating. After awhile you'll develop a sense of the differences between "real men" and jerks. Stay away from the jerks; they'll only make your life miserable.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you enjoy drama let him back in . If you want a life of trust and love DUMP HIS CHEATING A$$,It will never be any better!!

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