Best Rides at Carowinds? (NC/SC)?

I'm going in 3 days, so i wanna know the cool new ones bc i haven't been since 07.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Carowinds (along with all the other Paramount parks) was recently bought by Cedar Fair amusements (the company that owns Cedar Point) so you'll probably notice a lot of the trademark names of movies, etc. owned by Paramounts will have been changed like Top Gun and Borg. The Carolina Cobra is a new steel roller coaster for 2009 where you go both forwards and backwards.

  • mulvey
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    4 years ago

    i'm uncertain using an the opposite direction up curler coaster may well be a sturdy thought in case you're in basic terms used to using kiddy rides. attempt a ordinary curler coaster first. Taking drugs is actual undesirable for you so i might strongly propose fending off it.Going the opposite direction up appears like staggering the opposite direction up, and you cant truly scream or something, it appears like your numb for some seconds. the 1st the opposite direction up curler coaster i've got rode is the Scorpion in Bush Gardens in Florida. i became 8 or 9 years previous. Ask you wellness care provider if he thinks it is high quality which you will experience it. have relaxing!

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