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Questions about laser hair removal?

I've made my decision:laser hair removal.

What I want done:

upper lip







under arms



How old do you have to be to get it done?

Is it expensive?

Can you just buy a mini one and do it at home?

Can you do it anywhere you want?

Is it really worith it?

Have YOU gotten it done?

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    You should be at least 18 years old to get it done.

    Yes it is expensive and is a long-term treatment.

    Yes you can buy a home version and do it at home - this is what I did because otherwise I will not be able to afford it.

    You can do it anywhere you want - i.e. you can do it in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, anywhere. You can ALSO use it on all the places you mentioned you would like to get done.

    It is definitely worth it for me.

    Yes, I have gotten it done and am still getting it done in my own home using xemos.

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    Pricing breaks down as follows

    ull face $250-650

    Upper lip $100-300

    Chin $100-300

    Underarms $150-250

    Regular bikini $150-450

    Brazilian bikini $250-500

    Half legs (both) $250-650

    Half arms (both) $250-650

    Butt $200-400

    Back $300-800

    Chest $150-450

    Abdomen $150-400

    I dont know how old you have to be.

    Those prices are per treatment

    I have not gotten it done, just did some research

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