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How can i shave a few pounds off before a big day?

im not overweight at all im just wanting to look my best in a bathing suit for a big pool party thats a couple days away.

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    300 fast jumping jacks, followed by 10 mintues of running

    after 1-3 minutes rest

    than 3 sets of fast 20 push ups (1 second up and down total)

    -fast pushups help burn fat too

    Than atleast 6 hours later, do the 300 fast jumping jacks and followed by 10 minutes of running again...

    Do not eat more than you usuually eat, eat cereal for break fast

    dont drink soda, try only drinking water, and a up of jiuce a day

    dont eat chips

    and maybe a physical 20 minute sport if you want (basket ball, tennis) just some where with in the day

    Source(s): If you really want to loose fat, you can try doing 350 jumping jacks and 15 mintues of running instead of the other i suggested
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    hey whats up my name is mike and im one of the top fitness professionals in long island and queens county, NY

    here is a trick tha tmost body builders do to appear slightly leaner right before a competition. basically the day of the pool party as well as the day before try to have as little sodium as possible. the reason why is sodium basically retains water in your body adn under your skin. so by limiting your sodium intake your skin may appear tighter against your muscles. also try to eat little to know unfavorable carbohydrates such as breads, rice and pasta the day of and the day before. try eating more fibrous and favorable carbs like leafy green vegetables, oats and grains, and some fruits and try to eat as little processed sugar as possible.

    yahoo answers is great but most of the people here dont know what there talking about and are not qualified. if you have any other questions related to diet, fitness or nutrition check out my free website and blog.

    "stop getting opinions and start getting facts"

    -mike, NPTI, CPT, APPT

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    I became overweight until I tried acai berry, I understand they say that pills do not work, but they sure worked for me, and they've been featured on the Rachael Ray Show too. There is a free trial on at the moment at , try it, why not?

    Source(s): Sorrү, I’m a noοb and can’t post linĸs yet. :-) Copy and pаste thiѕ link in to yoυr browsөr addreѕs bar (at the toр of your ѕcreen) then hit thө enter buttοn.
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    best way do go to your doctor and let him put on a diet he will

    tell rigth way to lose lose the pounds

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    how many days do you have?

    try doing sparkpeople's 7 day bikini body workout. :)

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