Why won't the girls at my church stop trying to fight us?!?

My grandmother is very high in the church I used to attend a lot. I only used to go because of her. The reason I only sporatically attend now, is also because of her. It's been more than five years, and the teen girls at my church still HATE me and my sister. When we starting attending the church years ago, I think they felt threatened. My sister ended up dating the guy that the leader had been with before, and that's what started it all. But again..that was FIVE years ago. I quit going so much because I knew a fight was going to happen. They have done SO many disrespectful things, that if it wasn't for my grandma and the fact that we were in church... you get what i'm sayin? Its just ridiculous. They do so much crap to us& are just so eager to fight. I know they will try to jump my sister, and us two against six isn't going to be right. & Even though I quit going to the church so much, they are constantly talking about us at their jobs, and one girl attends our school and calls us names everytime she walks by. I pray for those girls every night. But what else can I do?


Yes, It is a Christian church. & my grandmother know's, & one of the girls mothers know. Basically the whole church knows..they just won't step up and say anything.

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    it sounds like the girls dont like yall because ur sister dated that guy...these girls seem to be holding on to their anger over it...probably jealous of u two....they r not very christian like....(i assume it is a christian church if not i am sry for assuming but either way it is not very religious like) have u ever sen the movie "mean girls" every school has mean girls and it seems that these girls r the mean girls of the church and or school....the best way to stop it is usually to ignore them...and if u r afraid that they will try something at church talk to one of the adult members and or paster/preacher....continue to pray for them....and one thing i found that used to work when i was in school is when the girls would say things mean to me i would tell them to their face "i am praying for u" or something to that extint and just walk away...dont give them the chance to come back with anything else to say...and u dont seem like u would say anything mean back but just as a reminder dont egg them on by dropping to their childish level....they still have alot of matureing to do...and one day they will mature and they will fell sry for what they did.....if they do try and start a fight walk away...find an adult...fighting will not solve it..it will only lead to more fights....

    good luck... and god bless

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    you are a Christian so follow what Christ would do and did as HE walked this earth. He did not fight back nor did HE let the crowds sway HIM from what HE knew HIS duty to be. you and your sister are being tested and i know that you both can overcome it just as your Saviour did 2000 years ago. turn the other cheek and walk away. avoid any name calling on your side and let them do as they will. these girls are bullies. they will continue to bully until some one stops them. that means that someone has to stand up to them. no matter how scared you and sister might be and no matter how much a whooping you might get. standing up to them (NO NAME CALLING). you night not even need to actually fight them. as for as the statements they say to you at school... no matter what they say to you GIVE them a BLESSING in return. tell them (and follow through with this one) that you are praying for them. that you will not judge them but that GOD will one day. this should take the wind out of their sails. BEST OF WISHES TO YOU AND YOUR SISTER!

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    Get outside help, and wow I cant believe how ironic it is that they go to church but act like that... anyway they seem to be really immature do not let them bring them down to their low level by fighting back with them. Get help from your grandmother or the people within the church to help you and sister. Don't do this alone let them help you so that this situation doesn't turn drastic.

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    Slap them. Seriously.

    And, sorry to be disrespectful to your religion or the poster above, but 'do what Christ did' pardon me, but Christ ended up dead on a crucifix.

    Doing what he did? Not the best of ideas..

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    They need A LOT of praying for. Tell someone what's happening!!

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    Nothing worse than those female church gangs!

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    Find a real church.

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    Those girls need more discipline...

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