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Boyfriend emotional rollercoaster - am I to blame?

My BF used to be affectionate and laid back but lately he's an emotional rollercoaster. One minute he's sweet and happy, the next he's irritable and argumentative.

In his "negative" moments he has no patience with me and argues with me. But then a couple hours later he's happy, gving me bear hugs and buying me jewlery.

I tried talking to him but he got upset and said I'm the one that's negative and brings him down..... but I'm such an upbeat person! Any advice?

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    First of all it is not your fault. Your boyfriend may have a mental illness he could have depression/GAD/Bipolar disorder. While i am not a doctor i suffer from depression and GAD which is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Often times it is easier to blame other people for the odd things that one is feeling. I know that when i first started feeling symptoms i was confused and knew that these changes couldn't be my own fault. Or maybe i just didn't want them to be my fault...and the thing is, that it isn't any ones fault. This maybe hard to do but try and have your boyfriend talk to someone and if you can't get that to happen try to get help yourself so you don't end up feeling upset that you can't help him...I hope this helped.

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    You're never to blame for someone else's behavior - that's their stuff. You are responsible for your own behavior - that's your stuff.

    It's possible your BF may suffer from a personality disorder, causing his sudden mood swings. You might want to read through some of the common traits of personality disorders in the link below - especially splitting and mood swings to see if you recognize your situation.

    People with certain personality disorders often have strong, seemingly inexplicable) mood swings (both positive and negative) but sometimes blame the people closest to them for their behavior. The reality is that everyone gets to be responsible for their own behavior.

    Good luck

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    "You can suggest he see his doc, 'cause the 'switching' disorder will get worse.

    Think seriously about dating other guys; there's lots of fish in the ocean..."


    i wouldnt do that if i was you , its not fair leaving some1 just because they have a problem.

    maybe he has something on his mind and hasnt been able to tell you , why dont you sit down and talk to him and just ask if evrything is ok ,, if you cant seem to get anything out of him then i do sugest seeing some1 or going to his doctor , he may actually have something wrong with him.


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    You can suggest he see his doc, 'cause the 'switching' disorder will get worse.

    Think seriously about dating other guys; there's lots of fish in the ocean...

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    you should get him checked for bi polar cause that could happen at anytime and its not your problem

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    guys are just weiiirrddd. just ignore it.

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