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I am trying to setup a network for my home office. I brought home the server and two computers from the office where I worked which went out of business. At the moment I have my cable internet, a Dell PowerConnect 2724 switch, the server, and the two client computers. This is all we had at the office, except there were a dozen computers there. I have the internet plugged into the Slot 1 on the 2724; the server is 2 and the client computers are 3 and 4. I can get internet thru the server but I cannot access the server nor the internet on the client computers. I have tried resetting the 2724 and going into "managed mode" but I cannot access what should be the default IP of I don't know where to go from here, I was hoping I'd be able to just kind of plug it in and go when I got it home.

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    First thing I would try after checking all the ip settings on the server, and client computers to make sure they where set to DCHP, is if the server gets a connection through SW P2 ... I would unplug it, and plug a client computer in that 2nd port and see if that client computer can get out to the internet.. Then try and plug the second client into that second port, and see if they can get out to the internet.

    It might be as simple as the computers being set up with static ip addresses. It might be that maybe those other switch ports are tagged in a different VLAN.

    When you say you can't access, (Assuming this was a typo and meant ( do you mean, is that the switches set ip address for management functions?

    And if so, what is your home networks IP addressing scheme? Perhaps your server and computers are on a different subnet than the switch. Such as your home network being a, or

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    be at liberty to digital mail me, it relatively is not complicated in any respect. i'm going to be satisfied to stroll you with the aid of it. the fast and grimy is under a million. hook ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN or internet port on the router. 2. Hook and ethernet cable from the router to any computers, or while you're going completely on the spot, then start up finding for a sign. Run the on the spot community Setup wizard interior the living house windows administration Panel. 3. Log into your router and set up your secure practices and such.

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