Can I apply to Italian Citizenship when I only have an Italian Birth certificate?

My Mother & Father was a Sri Lankan & they haven't a Italian Citizenship. they work in Italy. then my parents move again to Sri Lanka. now they separated.

I was born in Italy in June 17, 1991. I have an Italian Birth certificate to prove it. Can I apply to Italian Citizenship..? what are the possibilities to reject...? please let me know all the things I want to do...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Citizenship is almost everywhere (the USA are one of few exceptions, in western world) based on bloodline, not on the place where you're born.

    But, if you're born in Italy and always legally resided here, when you turn 18 and before turning 19 you can choose Italian citizenship and in this case you will get citizenship as a right.

    But since you left Italy (as far as I can understand from your question), it's a different matter, Italian citizenship would not be given you automatically.... When did you left Italy, and did you gave up your legal residence in Italy?

  • 1 decade ago

    No. To gain Italian citizenship at least 1 parent has to be Italian.

  • As far as I know... if you have an Italian Birth Certificate you are an Italian citizen but I could be wrong...

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