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Did your baby get more bottom teeth before getting the top teeth?

Sophie just cut her first 2 teeth this last week. The top gums look fine, nothing even close to coming in, but her entire bottom gum looks swollen and rough/bumpy.... like there are more bottom teeth coming in.

Has this happened to anyone else or do they always get the top teeth after the bottom teeth?


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    My lil girl cut her 4 bottom front teeth before her 2 top middle teeth came in. Its fine. She now has 4 on the top 4 on the bottom and her 4 1 yr molars in. They can cut them in any order but generally bottom ones come in before the top. They also tend to loose them in the order they cut them too.

    Source(s): I have 2 kids a 6 yr old and a 19 month old.
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    My son cut two middle bottom, then two middle top, so there really

    is no certain order. The main thing is to keep her as comfortable as

    possible during this time. Teething does hurt and often times they

    run fever and my son even had diarrhea for a day or so.

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    do not you new dad and mom tutor yourselves approximately toddler progression? purchase a e book at a thrift save! use the internet! the bottoms are available in in the previous the tops. the fronts in the previous the backs. usu initiating around 6-7 months, merely like your wee one. then they fall out in that comparable order approximately 6 yrs later

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