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how much should i sell my wii on ebay for?

ok im selling my wii on ebay and heres wat i wanna i want to sell: a wii console, 2 remotes, 2 nunchucks,a 50 dollar game, wii sports. i have all the wires needed to connect to the tv, i also have the box for it and all the intruction booklets, how much would i get for all these combined if i sell it ebay???


they all also work perfectly i barely used them, no scratches or anything

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    Well, it all depends if anything was ever damaged. If so it would lower your price.

    Wii: $200.00

    2 Remotes: $40.00

    2 Nunchucks: $25.00

    Wii Sports: $20.00

    Game: $30.00

    Total Value: $315

    Somewhere around there will get you quite a load!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You might have luck selling it around Christmas time, the value of a wii has gone down for me. Otherwise i would compare with your competitors on ebay, actually dont sell it on ebay, there is too much competition, try selling it on craigslist.

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  • Joey
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    1 decade ago

    300 dollars

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