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Tradition or form of Ownership: Ladies? Ever notice that all of woman's last names come from men?

If you think about it...all last names come from a man.

A father, grandfather, husband, and so on...

Tradition or ownership??

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    tradition. but u coulda gone in the hyphen route?? :)

    jayjay smith-jones?

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    Hi Lioness, I tried to find "objectified" and "objectification" in the dictionary and no joy. Well, I'm not exactly sure I understand your queston, but think I might have an idea. Anyway, have you ever heard of the "bell curve"? It's a curve that is shaped like a bell and does a good job of representing statistics. As for beauty, at one end of the curve we have the least attractive and at the other end the most. The same would be true for income ... poorest on one side and richest on the other. In the middle of the bell we have all the average folks. I think what you're saying is true, but just simply a fact of life. We have the full spectrum for both genders. As for why guys don't protest ... I guess they realize that it's just the way things are and protests are unlikely to change anything. Hope this helps!

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    I may not be a lady but here is an answer for you.

    Throughout history there have been matrilineal cultures and patrilineal cultures. In the matrilineal culture the man takes the wife's name, moves into the wife's home, takes care of the home and children while the wife supports him and the family. There are not to many matrilineal cultures left in the world.

    Most of the world is patrilineal although there are times where a husband will still take on the wife's name it does not happen very often.

    The answer to your question is both. It is a form of tradition and ownership. I believe at one time it was more of a form to show the woman belonged to the man but in this day and age it has become

    traditional that the woman take the husbands last name and less of a sign of ownership.

    Source(s): Hope this answer helps.
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    Hiya JJ!

    Ownership... totally. It's probably just one of those things that will never change. I like my married last name better though.. it's easier to sign

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    I feel it is a form of ownership. I know it has cost me thousands to reclaim ownership of my name from ex's. LOL,,,,Hey! why am I laughing, it is the sad truth.

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    My wife kept her name and took mine too, I wouldn't have cared if she didn't, it's just a name. At the end of the day we all die and everyone forgets about us all anyway, we're really not that important, let's be realistic here, as sombre as it is.

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    I don't feel like I own my wife, even though she took my name. I hope she doesn't, but, she can dump me and take back her maiden name any time she wants.

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    Yes, I did notice that, but it's nothing new - we live in a patriarchal society.

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    Touchy subject.

    Why can't men take our last names instead?

  • Men have the tower of power beneath their trousers, so they will always dominate.

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