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Why aren't Conservatives thanking President Obama for plumetting taxes, they always say they want less taxes?

Could it be because they don't really want lower taxes, they just say that to get elected?


If tax revenue is down, it is because the government collected less taxes. Saying they did not, is Conservative Bull-Poopy

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    LOL......Oh dear.

  • Income to the Treasury from taxes is plummeting as it always does (literally no exceptions) when Democrats get their hands on the economy, but NO tax bracket has had a rate cut. Conservatives always say they want tax RATE CUTS.

    Were you able to understand simple data, you would already know that most Republicans actually have a record of voting to CUT TAX RATES and that ALL Democrats have a record of voting to raise them. Both sides campaign on tax cuts but YOUR side can truly be said to have been LYING 100% of the time.

    Let me put this in a way that even you will understand:

    NO ONE has received a tax rate cut. Literally NO ONE.

    The government is COLLECTING less because of rising unemployment and closing companies. People without jobs don't have taxes deducted from the paychecks they aren't getting and companies that don't exist anymore don't pay taxes, either.

    Provisional thanks for your service. Excuse my skepticism but even grunts aren't that dumb.

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    Are you serious? Dropping revenue doesn't mean lower taxes, professor. It means the government is collecting less overall. When tax rates go down, revenues have always went up, as productive people don't feel as pressured to use accounting wizardry to avoid confiscatory taxes.

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    it is merely approximately a troll question, isn't it? because of the reality that throughout actuality, the utmost federal sales tax rates throughout a super style of Reagan's years as against artwork have been an prolonged far greater effective than they're decrease than Obama. below Obama, the traditional US earnings tax value is the absolute backside that it is been because of the reality before international warfare II. the genuine sales tax value for the super-wealthy is now set at merely 35 proportion, as an occasion, while it became as quickly as at 39 % as no longer too some time past because of the fact the 300 and sixty 5 days 2000, bill Clinton's final 300 and sixty 5 days in workplace. what's greater, many or lots of the wealthiest US taxpayers are being taxed at an robust cost of roughly 13.9 proportion, on the comparable time their intense theoretical value is easiest 15%, thinking they get maximum of their earnings in the variety of "capital sturdy factors" from the procuring and merchandising of shares, bonds and components. If the US went back to the sales tax shape that we had below Reagan, taxes on the excellent-wealthy might upward push. So might taxes on lots of the U.S. middle style. thank you for the 1st-value professional-Obama softball question. it somewhat is first-value liberal trolling!

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    if i was you I would educate my self on the link that you just provided, This plumetting taxes is not a reduction in the middle classes federal tax rate, its how the federal government is loosing more money due to the high unemployment. When you have less people to tax of course you going to get less money. That is what they are talking about.

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    My taxes have NOT gone down.

    and revenue drop just means taxable income has dropped...not that Tax Rates have dropped.

    BO did nothing good so far


    Your logic is flawed.

    The government collected less tax money because there is less money to collect. With unemployment nearing 10% there are far fewer people with incomes to tax. That results in less revenue. You could actually increase tax rates a small amount, and with the workforce unemployed you would still collect less money. I'm sorry, but the revenue drop is NOT due to a change in the tax rate. You are just wrong this time.

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    did you read that or are you just dense? The government is getting less tax revenue because there is less money being earned and spent, not because they have lowered anything. Is this the liberal mindset? You can't all be this stupid, can you?

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    Tax rates are not plummeting, revenue is plummeting. and thats the Federal government. Tax rates are the same, but lower incomes, and lower corporate income means lower revenue.

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    Hey man... you need to RE-read the article.

    Tax RATES aren't LOWER..... tax REVENUE is !!!

    With so many people losing jobs....

    With so few houses being sold....

    With so few businesses staying open.....

    With so few businesses hiring people....

    With so fewer people eating out... going to movies... taking vacations...

    There are no "actions" that would have normally GENERATED tax revenue.

    People are TERRIFIED of what he has proposed and has planned.... and they're not spending, and not borrowing.

    Obama has driven a stake in the heart of the US Economy. In fact.. the ONLY things that have increased sales are GUNS (by those afraid of his proposed plans to end sales).

  • 13 bucks a week is not plumetting taxes. Just wait - with his cap and trade and health takeover plans- we will be lucky to be able to afford ramen noodles for dinner. Plus his Trillions of spending - Inflation should hit us within a year- We would all be luck to take home 40% of our income with this Obama take over America and Turn it upside down marxist plan!

    Soda Tax

    Cig Tax

    Candy Tax

    Botox Tax

    Boob job Tax

    Soon we will have a tax just to walk out the door! This is not a savings for Americans plan- this is Give me power- Give me your wealth plan- cause you had slaves and we want revenge plan.

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    This is less tax "revenue", not less tax which is even more of a reason the Democrats should stop spending like there is no tomorrow.

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