how do I put my page to private?

I have the new i think its called 2.0 on myspace and I wanted to put my profile to private and they said to go to something like profile editor and then click on a pencil on the top right but I cant find the profile editor or a pencil. please help.

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    explained here how to make your 2.0 private

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    if you go to customize your profile. it will bring up where you can edit your page. while on your profile roll over any section and it should bring up a little menu. there should be a thing saying privacy settings. click and make it private and then check the box that says make all sections private.

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    If your under 18 its automatically private. But you can just go to account settings beside the sign out button, then privacy and check the boxes to make things private. And when its private it will show your page but not any of your details and stuff that your friends can see.

    Hope I helped :)

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    click Profile >> Customize Profile at the top

    after the page loads, hover over your blurbs module, and then 3 little buttons appear

    click the settings button

    the rest should be pretty obvious

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  • 1 decade ago

    go back to 1.0

    and change it...

    then go back to 2.0.

    or set your age younger than 18 and it automattically

    puts it on private.

    soorry, i would tell you how to change it but i dont know

    anything about 2.0.... i had it for a few hours. and then changed right back because i hated it.

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