How do I fix a leak coming from the bottom of my window A/C?

One day I came home and there was a puddle of water underneath the A/C. When I inspected it, it seems as if the previous tenant solved (or tried to solve) the problem by duct taping the bottom of the unit. Assuming that the tape had become unstuck (due to the soaking of it) I did a duct tape job of my own. However, that didn't help. When I was checking the underside of the A/C, where the leak is coming from, I noticed a brass rod with huge drops of condensation dripping from it. I stuffed a towel underneath to absorb the water, but they get over-saturated in a couple of hours. What is the problem, and is there a way to solve it without getting it professionally maintenance?


Upon further inspection, what I thought was a rod is just part of what the unit is sitting ontop of (extending to the outside). The condensation is in between this and the bottom of the A/C. 1. I can see outside a tiny bit between this board (for lack of a better term) and the bottom of the A/C, and 2. if it makes any difference, the condensation is much heavier of the left side decreasing in amount going towards the right. Does any of this make a difference to the answers you may have already given (which I thank you for)?

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    Your window A/C should be lower on the outside of the window than the inside so the condensate can run out the back and drip outside. It should be tipped about 5 degrees or so. Also check to see if there is any leaves, rust or stuff clogging up the drip area causing the water to back up. If all else fails, let the unit dry out and seal the area where the duct tape was with a sealant like windshield sealant or whatever they got in a tube in Walmart.

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    Is this leak on the outside of the building? Window A/C units do "leak" as a natural process - air conditioners work by compressing gas to cool and as it re-expands it gets hot; the change in temperature results in natural condensation and therefore drips. Dripping from the unit on the outside is normal. When it is cloudy or a humid day puddles will appear because the drips are not able to evaporate.

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    Does the brass rod have a hole in it? I.e., is it a small pipe? Usually window air conditioners have a small pipe through which condensation is passed from the unit. Get a piece of plastic tubing (any hardware store) and put it on the pipe to get the water away from the unit. Put the pipe where it can drip and no more problem.

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