When one becomes a little successful, one starts ADVISING others---is this one's moral duty or bad practice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Too BAD practice, I suppose. Success is not the "meter" or a "scale" to weigh one's wisdom. Only wise person can advise. If you were "successful" to win a lottery of $10,000,000.00, would you go to 'advise' others about "how to buy coupon", "when to buy tickets", which number coupons to buy" etc?

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    Moral obligation is a touchy subject. You see, being successful does not make you morally superior to any one. Morals are subjective, created by the masses. If one thinks about it, who is to truly say what is morally right and wrong. If the masses gathered and approved that it is morally correct to eat babies, then is it truly morally just? Or, is it still wrong regardless of the belief? If you believe in some higher power then one usually assumes this higher power created the morals we have, which in itself is bad practice. The flaw is that the higher power could change, or manipulate, the rules. Therefore that one day its not ok to play soccer and use babies as the ball, but the next it is morally reprehensible. If the higher being introduced morals, then you have created another stone paradox in which the higher power is not all knowing or powerful.

    In the end, advising is not a moral duty, or obligation. It is not bad practice either. To give advice based upon personal experience is a good thing in order to help a younger generation. But it must be watched, and carefully thought out, so as not to make it seem as though you are being morally commanding.

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    Fateful, if your advice is not sought. Minding ones own business brings in the most cash than minding someone else's affairs.

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    If you are asked for advise and have related experience, you should reply. If you are not asked, you should not offer, unless you know that it will be received with your good intentions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on what kind of person and the mood that they are in that would be the difference in good and bad advice

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