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Am I a victim of feminism or depression?

I'm almost a senior in college, and I know I have my whole life in front of me. I'm even studying abroad this semester in Europe.

Yet, as much as I try to be content, I can't. I don't really like the term happiness. (It's such an arbitrary word...the most we can ask for in life are moments of joy and some kind of inner peace.)

I've shunned relationships all my life because I haven't been interested. I don't like how our society emphasizes relatinships so much and acts like relatinships area prerequisite for being happy. Another reason I shun relationships is that I enjoy kind of being different, in that I don't need relationships to be happy in life. I've never been in a romantic relationship, and rarely had close friends growing up. Right now I do have 2 friends, but I don't really keep in touch.

I think I am capable of an emotional connection witha guy, but nothing beyond that.

Part of me does want to make some kind of contribution to the world, but another part knows that it's all kind of meaningless.

I realize that we all have to find our own truth and meaning in life.

So what gives you meaning?

I do realize that my thoughts are creating reality this for me. But as much as I try to change my thoughts, I still have this feeling in the back of my mind.

Ultimately, I know the answers to my quesions like within me.

It's not that I'm unhappy because of my lack of relationships, but maybe it's another issue.


My question was asked somewhat facetiously.

I don't believe in the victim mentality...if I'm a victim of anything it's myself.

I asked it like that to get people to read it.

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    Your wording is ridiculous, your problem is you.

    Go volunteer to work with people who really have something to complain about. Work at a hospital, a hospice, an animal shelter, habitat for humanity, disadvantaged children, the elderly, the disabled - anything that gets your head out of your butt where it seems to be permanently stuck. Service is never meaningless.

    The world owes you nothing. See those two hands at the end of your arms? The first one is to help you. The second one is to help others. Take action. Now.

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    about 5 years ago, I started to fall into a really depressive episode. At first I thought it was only because I had a bad break from a relationship but the feelings wouldn't go away even after I got a new girlfriend. It was wrecking my life until a point where it was seriously affecting my work and personal life.

    She was very worried but at the same time couldn't understand why I was still sad and thought that I still couldn't let go of my previous relationship. Being the wonderful person that she is, she put aside her feelings and suggested I go for psychiatric evaluation. Many months later and even more anti-depressants, I was not coming close to being better at all.

    After doing some research online, I found out the real cause as you described it really makes a lot of sense and purchased this program. The results were simply astonishing. I read this book over three times and put all words in action. Using this method, I've kept my depression at bay ever since. Up to date I'm still living happily with my girlfriend.

    Depression Free Method?

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    The meaning I get in this world is to enjoy life but leave it in a better condition than I found it. I understand where you are coming from and I actually think that because you are fairly closed to other people you have a feeling of meaninglessness. Try to get some friends, there are other people in this world who feel the same way you do.

    It is possible that you really are a loner and don't want that intimate connection with other people. Most people do want intimacy with friends, family, and their lover/partner.

    Try opening up to world a little bit and see if you like it. If not that do what makes you content. The fact you are asking these questions makes me think you really do want something more emotionally with other people. Just don't be cold, manipulative, and mean to those that do try to connect with you emotionally.

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    You don't really mention your upbringing other than to say that you rarely had any close friends. I wonder if you've ever been taught to see joy in anything, or if you were taught to be so cynical. I don't think you're a victim of feminism. It might be depression, but I can't say for sure. How sad to have such a negative view of the world and to think life is meaningless. Have you never found even the smallest thing that brought happiness to your life?

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    i might recommend that a wholesome understanding of "probability" implicitly demands accountability, and that anybody who demands the former without the latter the two has not or refuses to think of it with the aid of correct. As such, i might recommend that feminism has *continually* been defined that way, that maximum feminists are and continually have been properly conscious of that, and that failure to stick to that represents a deviation from the middle innovations of feminism. Noting, needless to say, that not each and every case of ladies being relieved of accountability is expounded to feminism. In maximum, it relatively is greater correct considered as a controversy of "benevolent sexism", it fairly is to assert this style of sexism which maintains the fact of male superiority, yet helps some style of condescending lenience to women folk. it fairly is maximum fairly *not* what feminism is approximately.

  • 1 decade ago've answered your own question, when you wrote "I do realize that my thoughs are creating reality this for me".

    Obviously, you want advice, or you wouldn't be here asking. You really do need to change your thought process. There is nothing wrong with being alone, or not having a relationship, IF, it's a choice you made without all the negative thought process going through your head, influencing that decision.

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    Sounds like existentialism. What is the thing that pisses you off the most about the world, that you would change if you had a magic wand? That might be your mission. And also what is the thing that brings you the most joy, or used to? That might be something you forgot about. One more thing, I know it sounds trivial, but can you have a small pet where you are? The connection helps things to be more worthy, sometimes.

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    I think you're a victim of neither.

    You just know that you are not ready for a commitment on a deeper level, when the time comes you will know exactly what you want.

    Don't be in a hurry to grow up. You need to experience life.

    All, too, many people give up their dreams to settle down and never get to realize their dreams. They go through their married lives blaming their significant other. it is not their spouses' fault they did not explain what they wanted in life.

    May God Bless You and may you find the path to enlightenment.

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    You're a victim of your own ego and mind set. All the things that depress you are the same things that you lay importance on, how you can be alone, live without friends...Rethink this.

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    sweets...theres more to u than your gender..why ask if something is related to depression or your gender???

    there are so many other factors to take into consideration


    I second what Gad said

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