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What are the chances?

My boyfriend and I got back together after a month long break...

We had sex and used a condom. The other two times, he started and pulled out and finished by jacking off. I just found out the last time I went to get my Depo shot was in April. I was scheduled to get another in July, but missed it.. it's now August... which means I'm a whole month behind on my Depo shot. This whole time I thought I didn't have to go back until August... since I've been "off" the Depo, I haven't had a "period", but more of a brown discharge... does this mean I'm pregnant? I'm scheduled to go to the women's center at 4pm and have a blood test done to determine if I'm pregnant...if I'm not, I will receive the shot... what are the chances of being pregnant?


What does the brown discharge mean?

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    The depo shot is still effective past 12 weeks, it's just not 99% effective anymore. It's not a system where one day you'll be 99% protected against pregnancy and then the next not be protected at all. It takes a while to leave your system. You should be ok since you never had full ejaculate sex, but obviously there's still a small chance. The bloodwork is the surest way of knowing.

    Best of luck!

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    I don't think the chances are very good. If you're on the depo shot then once you stop taking it, it would take your body a couple of months to get normal again.

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