How do you decide on a title for your story?

How long does it take you to come up with a title? Do you start out with a title and then change the title as the story changes? What was your favorite title for a story?

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    I usually have a Working Title as I'm writing. Usually the working title has something to do with the plot and often isn't very poetic. Sometimes it's a line from a song. Past examples include "Wandering Through A Field While Thinking" and "Avery Goes Crazy" and "I Think Everyone's A Cannibal". The first one was a story in which the plot refused to happen and my characters just angsted internally, the second was... well, Avery's life is turned upside down and she completely loses it, and in the third I kept making half-asleep joking references to people eating each other.

    Once the story is halfway or more over, I start seriously thinking about titles. Symbolism, character motivation, setting. Sometimes I never end up with a finished title. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I use various things that happened to me (one of my favorite titles I used was "Jalepenos Are Not Pineapples", from when I tried to order pineapple pizza and ended up getting jalepeno pizza). Occasionally it ends up being weird references to various things I'm studying. Sometimes it references a critical line in the story, or an important plot point.

    You don't need the perfect title a chapter and a half into your story. Your title will probably change many times (my current story has had maybe five titles). Don't worry about it. Pick a working title, or just call it "Storything", and come back to it when you have more of an idea about where the story is going and what your characters are doing. :)

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    I usually start off with the title so I have a little bit of an idea what I want to happen. If I can't think of a title that I think would fit the story I don't write one and just write. But then I find it hard to think of a title at the end.

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    If it were me writing the story, I usually find something important in the story and make that significant to the title. But, some authors don't make thier title have anything to do with any of the book, because they believe a book shouldn't be judged by the cover. ^^

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    I think it's important to recognize the main basis of your story. For example, the basis of my newest story is a boy who has disgraced the way of life in which was intended by 'the Lord' (I say this because it is the basic theme of my story though I am not in any way religious), and was judged quite drastically and harshly by God.

    The most obvious title for the story? 'Judged'

    Things like this, some might say, just come to you, but I feel that never happens. Rarely, at the least. There is a saying that I find quite correct and very funny, 'Creativity does not come to you, you have to go after it with a club'.

    How true?

    Hope this helps!


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    You start with your ideas and concepts. You can give your book a temporary name.

    But, at some point while you are writing the story, a certain expression, sentence or name, will jump in your lap, and at that point you will know "That's it", "That's the title of my book".

    Edit: Also, make sure to title your chapters as you write your book. Sometimes, a chapter title will sleep awhile, and then jump in your lap as the title of your book.

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    Write the story first. The title can be thought of as a name; you fit the name to the person. Then, pick out a fairly important detail, not event, and incorporate it into the title.

    I agree with HP, it's a hook.

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    The title of a story is a hook, very short summery or just a theme or atmosphere featured in the book.

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    I would suggest write the story first, and then when you're finished a title will come to you.

  • cla ro
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    i find titles tend to come to me as i'm writing. sometimes i will change them.

    usually they come from a word or phrase within the story.

    my favourtite titles for a story is not one of mine, but rather one of terry pratchetts, it was Jingo, and only because i'm from a military family, so I knew what a jingo was and i thought it was clever.

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    1 decade ago

    well it depends if it a sequel to something sometimes you use a quote from the previous book like Douglas Admas, but other wise do what the first person said.

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