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Is cloudy vaginal discharge normal?

I had protected sex 2-3 days after my period. We filled the condom up with water and there seemed to be no rips or tears. We stopped before my boyfriend ejaculated. So there was no ejaculation just pre ejaculate and my boyfriend urinated before sex. Now there are 9 days left until I get my next my period. During my ovulation time I noticed a little bit of brown in my discharge. Now everyday I have a clumps of white strectchy discharge but it seems to be cloudy and the slightest tint of yellow. I have barely noticible back cramps that do not even worry me. Usually I have very sore boobs around 2 weeks before my period because I have cysts that flare up. Now that there are only 9 days until my next period I do not have any discomfort in my breasts which is a little odd but I'm hoping that the cysts are going down. I would like to know what this could all be? Thanks.

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    well cloudy, thick discharge is a sign of a yeast infection..if you are having itching and burning that could be what it is. They say the discharge looks like cottage cheese but I have found that's not always the case. If you're really concerned call you gyne. I don't think you're pregnant or anything but it could be something medically wrong so if it doesn't improve or gets worse call them.

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    cloudy pee and back pain are common symptoms of chlamydia. you might be just about to get your period. don't stress out until you actually miss your period. you will go insane doing that. lol good luck

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