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What is necessary in life?

I'm almost a senior in college, and I know I have my whole life in front of me. I'm even studying abroad this semester in Europe.

Yet, as much as I try to be content, I can't. I don't really like the term happiness. (It's such an arbitrary word...the most we can ask for in life are moments of joy and some kind of inner peace.)

I've shunned relationships all my life because I haven't been interested. I don't like how our society emphasizes relatinships so much and acts like relatinships area prerequisite for being happy. Another reason I shun relationships is that I enjoy kind of being different, in that I don't need relationships to be happy in life. I've never been in a romantic relationship, and rarely had close friends growing up. Right now I do have 2 friends, but I don't really keep in touch.

I think I am capable of an emotional connection witha guy, but nothing beyond that.

Part of me does want to make some kind of contribution to the world, but another part knows that it's all kind of meaningless.

I realize that we all have to find our own truth and meaning in life.

So what gives you meaning?

I do realize that my thoughts are creating reality this for me. But as much as I try to change my thoughts, I still have this feeling in the back of my mind.

Ultimately, I know the answers to my quesions like within me.

It's not that I'm unhappy because of my lack of relationships, but maybe it's another issue.

I haven't realy found any passion in my life either. I like philsophy, psychology, and economics..but don't really have a passion for anything.

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    I think happiness comes in retrospect. I feel "happy" or at least content when I look back and I can forgive myself for my sins and forget my regrets. I feel that whatever you find happiness in it really comes down to the question: Can the me now life with the fact I was that person then and can the person I will be accept me now? <--Too many tenses but I am willing to forgive myself.

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    First you've gotta have a big Faith in God so You'll never lost the way


    there are three things u need to achive in life

    a hobby developed into a work

    a collage certification

    a sport to keep ur shape

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    I find meaning in my life from friends and family.. so what is necessary in my life is love:)

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    i think happiness, so spending time with friends.. or love..

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    friends , family , fun and that special someone

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