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Allergen Free dog food?

Ive recently had to switch to an allergen free dog food for my pug, Bandit. He eats Hills Prescription ZD. I've never been a huge fan of Hills Science Diet but unfortunately thats the only thing the vets in my town offer. Ive been researching on the internet and there are quite a few brands available. If anyone else has experience with different brands please let me know your experience and how your pup likes the food. Thanks!

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  • Azu
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    1 decade ago
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    Allergen free...? I don't quite get that.

    Hills is an 8 dollar bag of corn. Have you tried a holistic food, like Orijen or Blue Buffalo? What's the first ingredient of the food? The first ingriedent is what there is the most of. Second, second most and so on. You want meat products as your first few, since dogs are carnivores and can't easily digest grains.

  • Jorjor
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    1 decade ago

    depends on what your dog is allergic to. California natural has limited ingredients that re low allergen.

    and if your dog is super sensitive, really the best option would be an RMB diet.

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