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I think my kitten has worms but...?

My kittens situation is odd. I haven't found worms in her poop, but crawling in her litter box. They also are in the carpeting around where she eats and where her litter box is. I just now checked her bottom too and she does not have any sign of worm remains or parts of them on her butt. I went on google and tried to see if I could at least identify the type of worm it is but all the worms that come up that a cat could get, are not what they are. They're not very large but they're sometimes short or long. They're brownish with white or yellow stripes horizontally. I've waged war on this rug with bug killers and vacuums but I keep seeing more of them. And sometimes i t seems it's just their shells. Help?


Actually they're not. They're not hairy but I have seen beetle like bugs as well. Not as many as the worms though

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    This probably sounds daft question but are they dark brown with a yellow or White stripe. Plus hairy? If so they could be the larvae of the larder beetle and after the food rather than the kitten.

    Theres a pic here further down. The first beatle is what the larvae turn into so if theres anyof those around it may be a clue too.

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