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I'm getting baptized soon. Does anyone have any tips? Should i plug my nose? If not will water go up my nose?


Thanks everyone for the advice. i am a christian and i believe that when you are baptized it means that you are saved. also i know this is under the baby section but there wasnt another section to put it under. im 14 not a baby.

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    I highly recommend holding your nose or else you will come up coughing which can result in an awkward moment. The person baptizing you will show you what to do before you get in the water. Just relax and let the baptizer do the work. Don't stiffen up.

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    There is usually a "baptism rehearsal," and when you do attend that you will learn of the technique the person uses when baptizing you.

    You plug your nose with one hand grasp that arm with the other and the person uses your arm as a handle so to speak to dunk you. Easy & harmless.

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    Don't plug your nose. You want all that holy water to get up there so you can have a holy nose.

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    Hold you nose. And congratulations!

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    have u ever put your head under water?

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