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I have bought an arc35 tank, and set it up as a marine set up.?

What fish stock as well as corrals and invertebrate's would you all suggest? a bigger tank is not an option. I have upgraded the light to one suitable for both soft and hard corrals and have living rock in place as well as a heater and filter. I know it'll be hard going but iI like a challenge!

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    The list of what you need is to long to list here. Do a Google search to learn all you can about saltwater tanks first. This is not the place to be asking serious question like this. Most of the people here give ridiculous answers or just plane don't know what they are talking about. I never come here for advice. ( I know I'll get some thumbs down for saying this but I would rather you get good advice)I go to forums that are specific to a certain subject. We have a 40 gal. saltwater tank that cost $3,000 to put together and that was before adding the cost of fish. Also the cost continues. They are very expensive and very hard to care for. But please do your research first.

    Source(s): Betta Breeder,Fish Store owner, and Pond owner.
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