Is there a better bike seat?

I am 5'3" and have a 24" bike but the reason I do not ride is because it hurts my butt. Is there any suggestion for someone with a fat butt? LOL

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    1 decade ago
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    the thing with a wide saddle is, it will hurt too after a while

    your legs will chafe on the 'horn'

    and it;s mostly a matter of butt training

    until you go through that, nothing will really work

    there is a distance, and over that distance, it;s going to hurt no matter what

    for a regular seat that might be 2 miles

    for a big-butt seat 5 miles

    til you get your butt used to it

    then any seat is fine


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    I wouldn't order saddle online. Go to your local bike shop. They have many "shapes" you can pick from.

    There are several factors that your butt hurts, only one of them is the type of shape of the saddle:

    1. saddle height, tilting angle and position (forward vs. backward). Bike fitting is perhaps the most important step to get comfortable for longer ride and pedal with higher efficiency.

    2. if you are new to biking, your muscles around your groin areas also need to adapt to the new saddle. It's not unusual to take a week or two. If you still feel it hurts after a couple of weeks, then you can look for a better saddle.

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    I recently replaced my basic saddle with one by Selle Royal. It was a model available in four back angles and two gender variants [1]. I'm very happy. It cost me £35 UK.

    I'm sure other saddle manufacturers take these factors into consideration, but this make/model is upfront about it.

    A sore butt is no laughing matter. By the way, padded cycling shorts also work, and I'd be wearing them even on my new saddle if I was cycling longer distances.

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    1 decade ago

    You need to take short rides until you get use to the saddle. Every one goes through butt pain at first. They have saddles at walmart but time in the saddle will help out a lot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    good saddles come in various widths for a reason, each butt is different. go to a bike shop and get fit for a saddle. also if you dont already use them get some chamois shorts, they definitely help with padding

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