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i have a couple of questions regarding implantation...?

So, basically my period is now 3 days late, and I had a negative test yesterday.

So, i'm wondering, how many days after ovulation can you implant? And how long after implantation will enough HCG be produced for a home test??

I don't understand what's going on....can clomid delay your cycle?? I did take clomid, but have never been late with it.

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    Implantation usually takes place 7-11dpo. Usually about 2 days after implantation is when an HPT will give a positive if the HPT is sensitive enough to pick up HcG at 20-25. If the HPT detects HcG at 50, it should pick it up 4 days after implantation. I have never taken clomid so I am not sure how it affects your period, but I have heard it can give a false positive on early pregnancy tests. I so hope you are pregnant! If I were you, I'd request a quantitative blood test for HcG to see what's going on. Good luck, and keep us updated!

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