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Signing up for new yahoo acount..?

So i made a new yahoo account and when i post a question i do not see it on the page when i click the category.Something has to be wrong because knowone is answering my questions and people always do even if its one person.What is up with that??


But when i go on my other account my questions are posted but when i go on the new one my question is not posted.

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    Hmmm, maybe you should repost? And also sometimes [depending on the category] it refreshes every time you click "next" and if you put a question in say... Singles&Dating then you're going to have to jump WAYYY ahead.

    I posted a question yesterday and no one has answered and this sometimes happens you can either repost, or be patient and see what happens (:

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    1 decade ago

    To see your Question click on your avatar"the grey image" and then scroll down till you see your questions and answers

    to change somethings or add info clickon the question you wish to alter or you can even delete it

    good luck

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