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My rabbits babies are now walking without stumbling and have all their fur but still have not opened their eye?

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    i would take them to the vet just in case

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    Baby rabbits normally open their eyes around ten days. If they don't open their eyes around 12 days get a rag or paper towel damp with warm water and rub their eyes gently until they open. Sometimes they can get crusty and sealed shut. We have a big problem with our Velveteen Lops having crusty eyes and we keep having to reopen them to only have them be re-closed the next day. They are several weeks old now and no longer have this problem, but is was quite annoying for a while. But warm water should open them right up if you are having a problem. If they end up looking infected or they keep getting crusty over and over, like my babies, go to a vet and get some eye medication to put in their eyes daily.

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    Kits usually have all their fur around 10 days and then will open their eyes around 14 days old. It is normal for the kits to be crawling around in the nest and trying to get in different positions. They should not leave the nest until they are able to get out on their own, but as long as they are just crawling around the nest box, it is perfectly normal.

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    I think that's normal, even if it doesn't seem logical to us. I had rats that had babies and they were kind of mobile before their eyes opened.

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