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What do I do about my "friend?"?

Ok this will be short, cause I'm pressed on time. So I have a friend...sort of...not really anymore. But we talked for about 9months, seemed all great, until we got to religion, I respect people's beliefs, because they aren't mine. I don't have a specific religion, but I love God, and Jesus, and I pray, and I used to read the bible but haven't recently. This friend seemed to judge me...and I have never seen a friend act like that...if he really cared wouldn't he respect the way I believe in things, and how I choose to worship? well later on after that convo it kept coming up, and then everything else we talked about seemed to be really insensitive, and mean on his part. I deleted him...pretty much from communication...but my question is...should I try to work it out? I mean I do care for him in a way...but he doesn't seem to even care that I left...or don't talk to him...Or should I dump his *** as a friend...and never look back? ok thank you, toodles.


A little more elaboration. This firend of mine is Christian, I respect his beliefs completely...I am personally not Christian...or any specific religion...is what I was trying to say, but it seems he can't respect that...because he believes I'm not doing enough, but how do I make it obvious I am being saved, and releaved of sin, if he isn't willing to listen, like I listen to him? And as for friendship, I never wanted to bring up religion...or politics...I respect everyones views...but fight for my own, and it will only lead to nasty, rude, mean discussion that is mentally exhausting. I do really care about him, but he just see that...whether I try to expalin or talk to him about it like an adult. In one ear out the other...it's really the only time I felt he was actually more immature then his age(19)...but I'm immature at times as well...but not about this...also 19...but anyways. But in my head, I say if he cared, he would make an effort being the one who is always hurting me.

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    the two things you don't talk about with friends (well usually) are religion and politics. you can say things like for example "i'm christian" or "i'm democratic", but sometimes if you go into too much depth about exactly what you believe and for what reasons, it can cause conflicts. i would keep this friend, but avoid talking about your religion. it can tear apart a friendship, because turns out this other person totally disagrees in what you believe, but you have to respect that. and if this convo comes back up just simply say you don't have a religion

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    well, I think if theres ever an option to be friends with someone, or not to be, then you should always try to be. I suggest talking to him one last time, saying how you feel. you could use what you said in your question. Tell him that you dont want to lose him as a friend just because of your beliefs. tell him it doesnt affect your friendship and he shouldnt let it. But I gotta tell ya, it sounds like you are kind of a Christian, and the Bible tells us that we will be hated for our beliefs. I think that you are experiencing a little bit of that. Sometimes, there just isnt anything more we can do. Its not fair, it doesnt make sense, but its reality.

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    Well he's only judging you to protect you. I think i know what he's tried to do. He's tried helping you in a way you don't understand. In a way a lot others don't understand. But you know what, friendships shouldn't end like this. Work it out, people should know better

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    Ooh...tough one. I think you need to talk with him, i mean maybe it's part of his religion or family beliefs. Try and fix it my starting at where it went wrong. Who knows if that doesn't work he's not worth your time.

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    Well thats really messed up.

    I dont even think you should talk to him.

    When he wants to he will eventually talk to you.

    dont push him.

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