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Vomiting on Vacation?


The purpose of this case study is to understand various factors that affect the equilibrium of the liquid and gas phases.

The Case:

EG, a 13-year-old teenager from Redondo Beach, California and his parents were vacationing in the French Alps atop the famous Col de la Madeline. Wanting to do his part so his parents could have a relaxing vacation, EG decided to make them breakfast. Using his familiar techniques from him he made them each two slices of toast with butter, two eggs he put in boiling water and let steep for four minutes, a half cup of cottage cheese topped with three pear slices. Later that evening, after dinner, his parents had a fever, headache, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, and cramps. The next morning they were also experiencing bloody diarrhea and were ill enough to visit the local emergency room.

Case Questions:

1. What was EG’s parents’ bacterial diagnosis?

2. From a chemistry standpoint how did EG's parents become infected with this bacterium?

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    1. Salmonella

    2. At the top of the French Alps, the atmospheric pressure is lower than at sea level (the pressure at Redondo Beach). Therefore the water boiled at a lower temperature. The time the eggs cooked for wasn't adjusted to account for this lower temperature. Therefore the eggs, which ocassionally contain salmonella bacteria, we not cooked enough

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    1. It looks very much like salmonella poisoning.

    2. It probably came from the eggs. Because of the altitude, the water boiled at a lower temperature than it would at sea level. The eggs were not cooked sufficiently to kill the s. bacteria.

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    I would watch out for bad water

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    It was the pear


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