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My boyfriend wishes I was more interested in cars.?

I'm trying to find interests and my boyfriend told me he wishes I was more interested in cars. I like to bead and I have some old hobbies that I might pick up again like cake decorating and piano. I'm not mechanical so I don't think I'd be good at cars but I know a thing or two already. What should I do?

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    That's stupid. You shouldn't have to be interested in cars...that's his interest, not yours. Favor what you favor and if he doesn't like it, tough.

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    tell him he should be more interested in what you liek !

    but why would he even want you to be interested in cars for ?

    BUT maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

    you should give it a try.

    if you dont liek it then , oh well atleast you gave it a try.

    also , you'll learn a thing or two &' it'll help you

    out sometimeee in the future:D

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    If you do become interested in the automotive world, please don't gravitate towards the Mustang. There are other cars than that.

    and do remember, 90% of car manufacturers> Honda

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    1 decade ago

    Give him a lube job.

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