Update for my contacts and a question!!?

I just got back from the docs...measuring 33.5 weeks I will be 32 on wednesday....been having contractions so she ordered a non stress test and an ultrasound in two weeks....wondering what will happen after that....any thoughts? Has this ever happened to you?


I already am scheduled for a c section on September 25th

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    I measured ahead with all my pregnancies. With my last I was measuring about 4-5 weeks ahead consistently until the very end, when the growth of my uterus pretty much stopped and when I was 39 weeks I was measuring 41 weeks. They consider +/- 2 weeks on fundal height to be normal. I had contractions consistently from around 32 weeks with my last pregnancy, I even had false labor at 33 weeks. I was surprised when I called the hospital and was told by a nurse that after 32 weeks they would likely not stop labor if it happened on it's own, I found it a bit early to deliver. I had NST with my first two pregnancies, they are kinda fun! LOL! You lay in bed sipping on juice and watching TV for an hour while they monitor the babies heart rate with his activity. Your OB is probably concerned that the baby is on the bigger side, thus the reason for the ultrasound. Since you are having contractions so early the NST is for peace of mind that the baby is not under any stress. I had to go through all the ultrasounds and NST with my first pregnancy when I was measuring further ahead than my weeks and everything turned out fine so when this exact thing happened with my second and third pregnancy my OB was not overly concerned! Good luck! September 25 will be here before you know it, rest up (enjoy your long stretches of sleep) while you can!

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    I had a non stress test done at the beginning of july and its nothing. All they do is hook you up to Monitors and Monitor you for about an hour and if they find that the baby is in stress then more than likely they will do a c-section. Well im not sure about on you since you are only 32 weeks but they will do something to help the baby out. My non stress test came out fine so they didnt do anything to me so im hoping the same for you! Good luck!

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