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Idk wat 2 do?? help plez?

idk wat i should put as my username??? for yahoo answers...

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    well what are your favorite colors?


    for example: you like to smile and love bunnies so: smileybunnies

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    4 years ago

    ok properly first of all, incorrect type yet whilst i'm here i'm going to help. you're able to have the skill thus far this guy because of the fact your chum hasn't dated him for the reason that 4th grade which replaced right into an prolonged time in the past. And thinking she had dated different adult males for the reason that, she could of moved on. So choose for it. once you're nonetheless apprehensive approximately it, flow communicate on your chum and tell her you like him. If she is relatively over him she could show you how to fall in love with him. :)

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