How do I pack snacks and lunch for a kindergartner?

She has to have a small snack such as crackers or cheese sticks along with a bottle of water and then later a complete lunch. She can buy milk at school but I was thinking a small insulated Thermos of milk would be easier/cheaper? Does she need a lunch box or could I put the food into separate Ziploc hard plastic containers and carry those in a backpack? Or should she have a separate backpack and lunchbox? And where do I place the snack foods, in the lunchbox or backpack? It's all very confusing and I have no one to ask.

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    Your best bet would be to call the school your child will be attending and ask. Each school has their own policy. My niece's snack had to be packed in her lunch box. My son's school requires that the snack be separately packed in his backpack has their lunch boxes are picked up by a cart to be set in the lunch room. I would say definitely let her have a lunch box. My son got such a kick out of picking his out. I am going to use the thermos option too. I figure we can switch the milk for juice some days or other drinks.

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    My first grader had her own lunch bag, which had a separate compartment on the bottom which had hard sides where I could put stuff I didn't want to get squished. I put a juice box in there for her (100% juice), but sometimes she would buy milk at school. The milk at her school is like 35 cents or something really cheap like that. I figure they keep it cold and then I don't have to worry about it. For her snack, I would put some crackers or whatever in a small plastic container. The lock n lock kind are really easy for her top open- way easier than tupperware. Or I would just buy some small snack bags of stuff at the grocery store. I put the snacks in the front zipper compartment of her backpack. Her lunch bag fit right into the larger portion of her backpack. The kids at her school carry their lunches to the lunchroom, so I think having it all in one container is best.

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    Well, first do not use plastic containers to hard to open for the little ones. I would get one of those Insulated Lunch Bags and would but the ziploc snacks in there. Most come with a thermos, I would test out the milk in the thermos over the weekend left in the bag for several hours before I shipped her off to school. Best thing I could tell is to experiment with different snacks and drinks to see what keeps the best.

    Hope that helps!

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    seperate backpack and lunchbox. Both my older kids have the softside kind with a zipper close. This way either child can use it!

    I used to put 5 days worth of snacks in the small pocket of my kids backpack. I did things like goldfish crackers, cheese on cheese crackers, boxes of raisins, etc that way they could pick each day what they wanted and I did not forget to pack it!

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