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32 billion dollars given out for ceos of banks! is this right?

out of 175 billion, making it about 20% or all money!! do people in america have heads up butts to allow this? this is bonus money

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    no, This does not represent CEO's This represents all bonuses to all employees paid to TARP bank recepiants. The problem that is that a portion of these bonuses are actually contractally commission.

    For Example: Citi's Andrew Hall might make $100M in contractual bonus (commission). He has brought in over $2 Billion (over the past 5 year) a nice return on investment from 1 person.

    I do agree there are people that probably don't deserve the bonuses in these companies, but its not a black and white statement.

    Some CEO have decided not to be paid this year. Also, this includes bonuses paid in stock, not just cash.

    Source(s): Wall Street Journal Seeking Alpha
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