Which of these 3 pitchers should I keep?

I need 1 keeper out of these 3

Zack Greinke

Chris Carpenter

Jon Lester

who will have the best year next year?

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    I'd go with Carpenter.

    Greinke's having a great year this year, but he pitches for KC. Not many wins. However, KC does have a good farm system, so they have some hope. I'd also think Greinke would be a little more down-to-earth numbers-wise, next year. Don't forget he started the year with 5 starts without an ER, and that's the main reason why his ERA is so low, instead of like 3 or something. Expect a season like his last, probably.

    Lester's been great, striking out a lot of people and giving quality starts. He'll get you wins, pitching for a good team. The only problem with him compared to the rest is that he has more baserunners, which is not as good for your WHIP and also slightly reduces the amount of innings he might throw. ERA is also higher.

    Carpenter, assuming he can be healthy, is the best. He strikes out the fewest of the three, but it's still a good amount. Probably around 8K/9IP or so. However, he can go really deep into games and give you plenty of CGs and sometimes SHOs. His ERA would also probably be high 2's or low 3's, with a WHIP around 1.

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    Greinke is having a breakout season.

    Carpenter is having a comeback season.

    Lester is having yet another consistent season.

    Your safest bet is Lester and your riskiest bet is Greinke because he's on the Royals. I don't know if Carpenter will be able to repeat after throwing a total of about 175 innings after this season is done. He has been injured and that's a lot for an injured arm.

    Definitely go with Lester.

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    that is tough...

    On the surface, Grienke seems like the obvious choice, but he plays in KC, so will never win more than about 14 games.

    Carpenter may be having the best season of the group, but he's older and has proven to be prone to serious injuries.

    That leaves me with Lester - he got over the early season control problems and is on pace for well over 200k's. He's looked strong and is going deep into games. If I could only keep one, it's Lester.

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