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backspin on my serve?

how do you put backspin on a serve and make it harder??

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    read this http://www.tennisserver.com/turbo/turbo_05_12.html explains how to preform the infamous backspin serve

  • Ziel
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    Typically, you don't really put backspin on serves. A slice serve is usually mostly all sidespin. Don't know if mine really has any backspin on it at all... See, the sidespin without any topspin is enough to make it skid low when it bounces. No need for the backspin.

    To get the sidespin necessary, start by moving your toss slightly. Tossing the ball further out to the right (assuming you're a righty), will help force you to hit the ball where you need to. You need to be hitting more on the right side of the ball, with the stringbed facing slightly to the left. Tossing out to the right forces you to reach around the ball to hit it in the direction it needs to go.

    After you've got the feel down for it, begin to move the toss back to where you would normally put it for any other serve. This way, your opponent can't read your toss to know what kind of serve they'll get.

    As for the amount of power or spin you get, it's all determined by the wrist snap and angle of the stringbed. And usually you have to sacrifice one to get more of the other.

  • Rob B
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    Wow, doing both would be really hard. By definition a slice serve (a combination of back and sidespin) is going to travel slower because the ball is rotating backward, so the only way to make a slice serve faster is to hit it harder, which if you are already hitting a flat serve as hard as you can is going to be pretty much impossible. That said, having a good slice serve is a definite advantage to the recreational player. Most casual players are not used to hitting a ball that is spinning away from them. Rather than working on hitting it harder, just strive for getting it in, the spin will do the rest. To hit a good slice. Toss the ball more behind you and to the left (if you're right handed)and imagine yourself brushing along the side of the ball as you strike it. This should put a good spin on the ball. You'll have to practice a lot because the ball goes crazy ways when you first start, but keep at it, and it'll straighten up. It's really cool to watch when you hit it good because it skips low and bounces way right. It'll drive your opponent crazy.

  • John
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    I have not seen a backspin on serve. Unless you serve under handed then it could be possible. If you really want to do it, just hit it like a drop shot.

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