Clearing the Xbox 360 Cache..?

So what I basically do is.. Put in the "Clear Cache" button sequence and it will delete all the updates for all the games? Then, I just re-update the game (Fallout 3)? Because I am always getting slowdown and lag when I play Fallout 3 and I was hoping if this Cache thing would help..

Also, would this delete my saved games and ranks from other games. I heard that doing this it will restart my Gears 2 rank. I also heard people losing their saved files in Fable 2 (Which I really don't want that to happen... I am to far in Fable 2 to get everything erased). Thanks in advance! :D

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    Fallout 3 just lags a lot. There's really nothing you can do that would be very effective. And no, the "cache" is a special area on your HDD where the console keeps copies of sounds, textures, and animations from the disc because reads from the hard drive are an order of magnitude faster than from the DVD. Your saves will not be effective. And even if you deleted your saves, your Gears 2 rank is stored on the Gears 2 servers and linked to your XBL account.

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    the place do you come across that selection on your 360? reason i do no longer ensue to locate one. Cache in certainty in basic terms looks once you browse cyberspace that shops techniques. And the sole way you wipe out your game shop is by skill of deleted your gamertag.

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