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What Rappers/Hip Hoppers are turning to Rock/Metal music?

I've seen that Lil' Wayne (on Rebirth) and Lil' John (on Crunk Rock) have turned to Rock/Metal music and i am wondering if any other rappers, past or present have or are turning to Rock/Metal


i am also looking for rap songs that have rock remixes, rap songs that have been remade by rock groups(Example: lollipop - Framing Hanely[originally by Lil' Wayne])

and no mash-ups

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    Slash performed with P. Diddy once, *shudders*. I just don't like Diddy and Lil Wayne, I think they are annoying bastards.

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    Just because he holds a guitar in his videos doesn't mean he's rock!!

    Just shut up already!

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