How can I keep raccoons out of my house?

Raccoons keep coming into our house through our cat and dog door. They have destroyed the laundry room (wear all the cat and dog food is) and they have entered our basement and gotten into our ferret things. Next they could go into our kitchen or even worse, upstairs where my children are! is their anyway to get rid of them on our own?


Our dog is a little dog... the raccoons would probably kill it

Update 2:

I cant shut the oor.... it is a little dog door for dogs... i cant shut it!!

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    They make electronic dog and cat doors that will only allow your pets inside and will lock when any other animal tries to gain access. Or you can simply get rid of your doggy door all together.

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    Unfortunately if you don't find a way to close off their entrance they're probably going to keep coming back, simply because they can and your cat/dog food is providing an easy open food source. If you cant (you should be able to if you apply actual effort) at least keep the room the dog door opens into locked and void of food. If they dont have anything to gain from breaking into your house theyll likely move on to a new source of amusement. Maybe consider placing a food source (cat food, peanuts, etc) away from your home to sway their interests elsewhere. If they continue to be a problem contact your local animal control, keep in mind that adult raccoons collected by animal control services are generally euthanized. Dont attempt to trap the animals yourself without their advice, however large of a nuisance they may be currently, the chances it would go well are very very low. Good luck.

    Source(s): Personal experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.
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    simply post a sign outside stating no raccoons allowed. that seems to of worked quite well for me.

    but then, you implied you have a dog, why not let it do their job by keeping the critters away. get it a raccoon chew toy and dip it in something delicious. in no time flat, the raccoon will of met his timely death.

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    This seems pretty simple.

    They're coming in through a door. So, close the door.

    It's either that or dig a moat around the perimeter of your yard.

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    lol @Somebody

    Just put up something blocking the doggy door.

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    put a sign up saying no trespassing

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