how much would it cost to travel to the uk?

Okay so I've been thinking that i really want to travel some where next summer or may be the next summer after that. I have always wanted to travel to the UK. I'm mostly wondering what plane tickets would cost. I'm really looking for the cheapest way to get there and back. I'd love advice and tips for traveling.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh and also I live in Colorado, USA.


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    I am also traveling to the UK but in Oct. and my fiancee just left who resides in the UK. We usually use US Airways for booking our flights out of Philly. The cost is around 600 per adult (which using other sites is actually low). I also looked at another site called They were fairly decent in the prices. The only bad thing about that site is they just give you the fare without the taxes so when you get ready to book they add on nearly 187 for taxes. Still a pretty cheap site though. Also look into leaving during the week and not the weekend. Always cheaper!! Good Luck

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    Visit Web sites such as to get an idea of airfares to Europe from Colorado. Generally, Britain is the cheapest place to get to from the U.S. fares for next summer will probably be posted by September or October. It is generally less expensive to travel in early spring or autumn after September. As for tips and advice on traveling, a good resource is Let's Go: Europe, which has a whole section on planning your trip. Let's Go also publishes an edition specific to Great Britain. You should also look into getting a BritRail pass to travel around the UK. Visit to learn more about railpasses. Your BritRail pass also offers a discounted ticket on the Eurostar, the Channel Tunnel train that goes to Paris and Brussels, so you might want to consider a couple side trips to those cities.

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    there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely give you the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it's very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online... otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. good luck.

    Source(s): BookMe,com
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