Hello all! So my partner and I are planning on having a baby. We're going to do it through A.I.,?

My partner and I are going to have a baby through A.I., hopefully at home, and though I am ready, I am completely lost on the cost of all of this. Could someone, preferably a couple or mother who has successfully gone through Artificial Insemination please give me the best advice you could on the cost? The procedure? and how many times it took for success? Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Okay I have no experience with this and am so not trying to sound tasteless but I just got done reading something I want to share.

    A woman who was unable to conceive naturally looked to have A.I. done on her sister using her husbands sperm. They went and paid the fortune that it cost and it didn't work. So desperate to have a baby, she bought a turkey baster and had her sister stand on her head, inserted the baster full of the husbands sperm and in it went. Nine months later they had a baby and all it cost was the $1.99 for the baster.

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