Cash for clunkers: I've been drving used, responcible "green cars" all my life now I have to pay for all the?

idiots who never paid attention to predicted crude oil shortages and bought over-sized SUVs and trucks and my dingy little car will not even qualify because it already gets good milage? Welcome to Obama's world: where the responcible bail out the irresponcible under the guise of 'fairness'!


yeah and only certain people are reaping the rewards.the rest of us are stuck with the bill. I'm sick of paying for the leeches

Update 2:

then they sleep weel at night thinking they have a right to a new car while I lay awake and worry about the ticking noise in my engine.

Update 3:

Not to mention China sucks more oil every single year and is just about on par with us so no there isn't going to be "more oil".

Update 4:

david when gas prices jumped up to 4/gal last summer they were all whining at the pump when any idiot who opened up a newspaper in the past 10 years would know that we are quickly running out of fuel and that prices are going to spike. This little program isn't going to save me any money at the pump because my tax dollars are already funding their brand-new vehicles.

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    Welcome to liberalism,,, where failure is rewarded and success is penalized.

    People that make poor decisions in life like doing drugs, dropping out of school, getting pregnant are rewarded with Welfare and Food stamps, Section 8 Rent, free healthcare, and pay no taxes in fact they get money back.

    While people that make good decisions, and work hard have to pay for the losers, with increase taxes, and hate the rich attitudes.

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    So instead we should punish the idiots by letting them chew up the gasoline supply and inhaling their pollution?

    The program costs less than a month in Iraq. It's good for the car companies, the car dealers and America. Your reward for driving "green" cars all your life is was not having to shell out more money for gas.

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    Don't worry, a lower demand for gasoline will reduce the price at the pump, and less pollutants mean less national expenditures on healthcare.

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  • Its not even about us the people, its about GE making profits cause they make the parts for those cars being sold. GE will run America soon- you know GE that owns the MSNBC and NBC networks- That the CEO of GE is now Obama's energy guy and he is the manager for NBC. This is all about GREED! Obama and his corruption is worse than Madoff's! I hope he ends up behind bars too!

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    Smart cars are for stupid people. They are dangerous and no one in my family will be driving one, so I can come home one day and here "Hey, did you hear Mom saved $50 a month on gas?....but her car was just crushed by a golf cart".

    It's stupid.

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    1 decade ago

    Who has the last laugh now Ken? That would be me.

    I took One Term Barry's $4,600 credit and bought myself a beautiful new 2009 Toyota Venza AWD wagon. Took delivery last Friday.

    I paid cash for the car by the way, with a treasurer's check drawn on my checking account. I own the new Venza free and clear.

    The new car gets 23 MPG.

    Gee thanks for the free money Barry. You are still a dipshit.

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    1 decade ago

    Newsflash: It's not all about you. This helps to keep factories open, jobs here in the U.S., and helps the environment.

    win - win - win

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    1 decade ago

    Suck it up, Man up and walk it off!

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