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In-laws drive me crazy!?

Hi, Ive been with the same guy for 7 years we have a 5 year old son and a 3 month old son. We live about 3 1/2 hours from his parents house. They have never come to our house to visit my 5 year old but complain and get upset bc we can't always afford to visit them. I can probably count the times they have seen my 5 year old. Now that we just had another baby they have not even made the effort to come out and meet him. They want us to take him to their house. Ok well, its diificult to travel w an infant. They have no ac in thier house and its summer and its california so the temp gets up to 100 degrees or higher, so that is not ideal for an infant, and there is nowhere for the baby to sleep. When we go to visit me and my 5 year old have to sleep on a twin bed n my bf has to sleep on the floor. Am I being unreasonable because I think that they need to put thier part in and come visit thier grand kids at my house or should I just give in to what they want?

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    Well, they sound quite stingy and as if they don't really care about seeing their grand kidsdren. As grandparents, I feel that they should help you guys out and maybe offer gas money, etc. so that you guys can get together. Also try discussing this with your bf, what does he feel? They are his parents, you guys should work on this as a couple and maybe let him be the assertive one and try to talk to his parents. Be open with both your bf and his parents- make sure they understand that you don't have the money and it is too hot for the baby. Otherwise, it may turn into a huge argument that'shats not right for the kids- they should have a chance to get to know their grandparents. I never really knew mine because of family conflicts/distance, and it does make a difference in your life. I have friends grandparents that I am closer to than my own, try to reach a compromise for your kidsds sake. Good luck.

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    In-legislation regularly comes among the wedding existence..specialy the mummy,it is tough typically to get together with the in-legislation however whilst you get in via every weak point there will likely be concord. Why do not you speak it together with your husband and quite often speak together with your partner's mother that you've got revered her as the mummy for your husband and in view that her your mom too. Have a center to center speak together with her. Sometimes mom-in-legislation been jealous specialy in case your husband is the one son/baby. Take attention too that it in most cases been the best way of the in-legislation and now not simply the mummy. Try to win her affection, she probably wanting your affection/concentration in any case a few olds want that to suppose their manner. In that case you might also be extra in the direction of her than her son. Good success.

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