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Canterbury Tales: Wife of Bath! How does she control.. I dont get it.?

I find this part to be a little ambigous.. can someone elaborate and clairfy how she control husbnad #4....thanks :)


I read sparknotes too. ughh! lol

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    'They were ful glad whan I spak to hem faire

    For, God it woot, I chidde hem spitously.'

    These weaponry methods were highly effective with the Wife's first three husbands but less so with husband 4 and 5. Her fourth husband, a Libertine, had a mistress, and from this relationship we catch a glimpse of the wife's pain; as we know she seems to have already lost the weapon of sexuality and youth. She claims that she was 'young and ful of ragerie' and yet her sexuality did not hold him. She tried flirtation but this failed her depite her claims 'I made him of the same wode a croce'. It troubled her so much that her husband took delight in another woman she decided to make him stew in his own "greece". She pretended that he had been deceived and thus made him suffer with jealousy.

    She went on pilgrimmages in order to secape her ungappy marriage and we notice that her tone is part wistful, part dimissive...

    In her fifth marriage, the Wife claims that she make her 4th and 5th husband suffer, but we already know that she is a conspicuous liar. She really throws away her best weapons and Jankyn has the upper hand. She marries him for love and it is he who holds the weapon of sexuality. The Wife relinquishes her financial advantage, 'yaf I al the lond and fee' which she later regrets. Jankyn now uses the weapon of nagging, constantly bombarding her with tales of wicked wives.

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