how and should i jailbreak my ipod touch?

i have an ipod touch with 3.0 firmwae but i got the frimware from a website i was told about i downloaded from here and then hit restore on my ipod witht the 3.0 as my restore is it safe to jailbreak with this and how can i please help the site previously listed shows the instructions and how to get to the website here is the link for the webiste note you have to press control and click to go to the following link in your web browser


Please open the first link to know how i did it

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    1 decade ago
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    yes it is safe, you can always restore if u wanna go back.

    i suggest using the program redsnow cause u have the 3.0 firmware.

    you can watch ltutorial vids on youtube that'll help u

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  • 4 years ago

    a million. are you able to jailbreak a million.a million.3 ? - the sole thank you to jailbreak and iPod touch is that if it has a million.a million.a million. put in, which it is particularly elementary to try this. pass on Youtube and seek for ipod touch jailbreak and maximum of the folk instruct you the thank you to alter it to a million.a million.a million. in spite of this to a million.a million.2. then as quickly as carried out with that one u can improve lower back to a million.a million.3. 2. Is it relatively worth Jailbreaking? - i like jailbreaking the ipod touch, it provides get admission to to good factors no longer available which incorporate IM and radio! It would not ruin your ipod, in simple terms as the different internet laptop it may get a virulent disease so do exactly no longer acquire something that sounds odd. It would not void the guaranty because of the fact in the adventure that your ipod for some reason does malfunction then it may relatively be restored lower back to the way it got here. desire this helps =D

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    1 decade ago

    If you have a 2G then watch my vid :D

    Youtube thumbnail

    If you have a 1G then youtube search: "jailbreak 3.0 with redsn0w"

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