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Rush abec 9 titanium bearings or the blind lifetakers for my skateboard?

Wich 1s should i use and why?

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    Abec isn't a brand you morons, it's a rating system.

    I've skated a few Rush Abec 5's before, they were really smooth bearings but they didn't last as long as some bearings I've had in the past.

    The only Blind Lifetakers I know of was a series of wheels they brought out about a decade ago, and they were horrible haha. If they are now doing bearings under the same name, I haven't tried them out.

    However Dwindle products (Blind, Almost, Enjoi, etc) have been great quality recently, so they might be worth a try.

    I'm sorry that wasn't much help on your decision, but with a lot of things in skateboarding, you have to try them out for yourself to see if you like them personally, as different people like different things.

    I personally skate Bones Super Swiss, they are expensive but a set usually lasts me about 2 years, so they are worth the money in the long run.

    Source(s): 8 years skateboarding
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    Abec are cheap I think blind are better in every way smoother ride and there just great I think. 2 year skater

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