What do you think of when you hear the name Rachel?

Me and my friends were talking about the kind of impressions you can get about a person just from their name, even before you've even met them. And I got wondering what people would think of my name. Obviously when I asked my friends to describe what they would think somebody with my name would be like they just ended up describing me :P

So I was thinking it would make more sense if I asked a bunch of strangers....

I'm a 15 year old british girl from North East England.

Describe what you would assume my personality, appearance and background/lifestyle were like just from the name "Rachel".

Any random quirky details that you thinnk of when you hear the name Rachel.

Thank you :)!

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    I like the name Rachel. For some reason, it always makes me think of a nice, kind girl with long, auburn colored hair. She has light to medium toned skin and greenish-blue eyes. I always imagine her having close friends that she truly cares about.

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    1 decade ago

    Rachel is a very simple, yet sophisticated name. When I hear the name Rachel, I think the appearance would be chocolate brown hair, green eyes, and plump lips (lol sorry if this offends u).

    I think ur personality would be headstrong, yet gentle.

    Background: prolly Hebrew, Jewish.

    Lifestyle: busy schedule, puts a lot of time into sports

    Sorry if I'm rong but this is just my opinion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When I hear Rachel I think of a dark haired, brownish green eyed girl. An extremely fun person to be around, who makes friends easily, a bit of a clutz, and has a really bubbly personality. She's really pretty but never thinks she is better than anyone and she is an amazing athlete. :)

    Source(s): I described my best friend named Rachel! :)
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    Well I think of a character in a story I'm writing. She's fourteen, kinda plain but pretty at the same time. She's sensible, her fave colour is deep blue and she loves reading. She has a very secret secret, one that could cause her to die...

    The name Rachel (and Rachelle, which is the character's full name) means ewe, which is a female sheep.

    Hope I helped!

    Please answer mine?



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  • Pete
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    1 decade ago

    When i hear the name Rachel, Jennifer Aniston springs to mind lol. Im british too btw lol

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    When I hear Rachel, I think of a dark haired, semi-cute Jewish girl.

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    I'm not being mean, just honest, and I hope youre different...but every single rachel ive ever met was very into herself, mean, rude, and materialistic...even rachael from the bible was lame! hopefully you can change this!

  • 1 decade ago

    Average height

    slim but curvy figure

    smart but down to earth

    Dark long thick hair

    Jewish family

    Independent but social also

  • Ethel
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    1 decade ago

    Well, unfortunately "Friends" and the Jennifer Aniston character.

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