Need For Speed Games?

hey is there anyone out there that knows what all of the need for speed game are and for what system if anyone knows that or will research it for me thanx alot

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    The Need for Speed

    Original release dates:[7]

    EU March 20, 1996

    JP April 19, 1996

    NA May 27, 1997

    System release:

    1994—3DO Interactive Multiplayer,[8]

    1995—PC (DOS),[9]

    1996—PlayStation,[10] SEGA Saturn[11]


    A special edition of the game was released later in North America in 1996 for PC.[12]

    The game was released in Japan as Over Drivin' DX[13]

    Need for Speed II

    Original release dates:[14]

    NA March 31, 1997

    EU May 1997

    JP July 3, 1997

    System release:

    1997—PC (Windows),[15] PlayStation[16]


    A special edition of the game was released on November 6, 1997 in North America for PC.[17]

    The game was produced in Japan as Over Drivin' II[18]

    Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

    Original release dates:[19][20]

    NA March 25, 1998

    EU April 1998

    JP September 23, 1998

    System release:

    1998—PC (Windows),[21] PlayStation[22]


    The game was released in Japan as Over Drivin' III: Hot Pursuit.[23]

    Need for Speed: High Stakes

    Original release dates:[24]

    NA March 1, 1999

    JP June 17, 1999

    EU 1999

    System release:

    1999—PC (Windows),[25] PlayStation[26]


    The game was released in Japan as Over Drivin' IV.[27]

    Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

    Original release dates:[28]

    NA February 29, 2000

    EU June 29, 2000

    System release:

    2000—PC (Windows),[29] PlayStation,[30]

    2004—Game Boy Advance[31]

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

    Original release dates:[32]

    NA October 2, 2002

    EU October 25, 2002

    System release:

    2002—GameCube,[33] PlayStation 2,[34] PC (Windows),[35] Xbox[36]

    Need for Speed: Underground

    Original release dates:[37]

    NA November 17, 2003

    EU November 21, 2003

    JP December 25, 2003

    System release:

    2003—Game Boy Advance,[38] GameCube,[39] PC (Windows),[40] PlayStation 2,[41] Xbox[42] 2005—Arcade[43]

    Need for Speed: Underground 2

    Original release dates:[44]

    NA November 15, 2004

    EU November 19, 2004

    JP December 22, 2004

    AUS July 27, 2005

    System release:

    2004-Game Boy Advance,[45] GameCube,[46] Mobile,[47] Nintendo DS,[48] PC (Windows),[49] PlayStation 2,[50] Xbox[51]

    Need for Speed: Underground Rivals

    Original release dates:[52]

    NA March 14, 2005

    EU September 1, 2005

    JP February 24, 2005

    System release:



    First Need for Speed released on PSP, Only availiable on PSP

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    Original release dates:[53]

    NA November 15, 2005

    EU November 24, 2005

    AUS November 25, 2005

    JP December 22, 2005

    System release:

    2005-Game Boy Advance,[54] GameCube,[55] Mobile[56] Nintendo DS,[57] PC (Windows),[58] PlayStation 2,[59] PlayStation Portable,[60] Xbox 360[61]

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    Original release dates:[62]

    NA October 31, 2006

    EU November 3, 2006

    JP December 21, 2006

    AUS December 26, 2006

    System release:

    2006-GameCube,[63] Mobile[64] PC (Windows)[65] / (Mac OS X),[66] PlayStation 2,[67] PlayStation 3,[68] Wii,[69] Xbox 360[70]

    Need for Speed: ProStreet

    Original release dates:[71]

    NA November 14, 2007

    AUS November 22, 2007

    EU November 23, 2007

    JP January 31, 2008

    System release:

    2007-Mobile,[72] PC (Windows),[73] Nintendo DS,[74] PlayStation 2,[75] PlayStation 3,[76] PlayStation Portable,[77] Wii,[78] Xbox 360[79]

    Need for Speed: Undercover

    Original release dates:

    NA November 18, 2008[80]

    EU November 21, 2008[80]

    JP TBA 2008

    AUS TBA 2008

    System release:

    2008-Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PC and Mobile

    Need for Speed: Sim Racing

    Original release dates:

    EU January 15, 2010

    NA February 16, 2010

    JP TBA 2010

    System release:

    2010-X360, PS3, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP

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  • 1 decade ago

    Heyy i would go with fifa motersport they are coming out with a 2nd one and all my friends that love racing games get that one... its for xbox for sure but im not sure about others

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